This year, treat your dad to a decadent meal, compliments of America's patron saint of entertaining.  
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Father's Day is a time to celebrate our dads—that person in your life that takes on the role of support and confidante, who always picks up the phone when you call, who gives you tough but much-needed advice in times of need or a just a hug when that's all the moment calls for. It's a day to give your father the very best you can—and sometimes that's means cooking up the perfect meal. Thankfully, Ina Garten, domestic-goddess-in-chief, and arbiter of all things entertaining, shared her ideal Father's Day dinner, a decadent feast that will show just how much you appreciate everything the father-figure in your life does for you.

On her blog, Garten posted recipes for a three-course meal that will totally knock dad's socks off. Start out with a refreshing, crisp vodka Limoncello Collins to drink (Food & Wine also has a recipe for cucumber vodka Collins if your dad isn't a fan of citrus). For the main course, Garten suggests going with a classic, red meat dish: filet mignon served with mushrooms and mustard. This is an advanced level recipe, so if you'd rather try something on the beginner level, try our recipe for the perfect steak au poivre or check out José Andrés' game-changing advise for grilling a steak.

On the side, Garten suggests serving two tried-and-true companions to steak, asparagus topped with Parmesan and creamy garlic mashed potatoes. You can also slow cook mashed potatoes to get them super smooth and buttery.

Finish the meal off with a lush serving of Garten's frozen hot chocolate, a simple but satisfying treat that will pair well with the rich flavor of the steak. Chocolate—the ultimate, no-fail dessert ingredient—is sure to please no matter what form it takes. Here are some of our favorite chocolate dessert recipes.

WATCH: See Ina Garten's Actual Home Kitchen

No matter what you serve your dad, whether it's pancakes or a grilled cheese sandwich, or Garten's first-class dinner, we're sure he'll love it, and love you all the more for making it.

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