We had no idea we could buy these at IKEA. 

By Grace Elkus
April 17, 2017
Grace Elkus

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Yes, we love IKEA for their space-saving designs, low prices, and variety of home décor and furniture options. But there's a section of the store you might be overlooking—and it may just become your new favorite department.

IKEA's Swedish Food Market offers a surprisingly large variety of take-home food offerings, from sauces, jams, and condiments to pastries and desserts. While some are exclusive to the marketplace, others are take-away versions of the dishes offered in their restaurants, such as their iconic Swedish meatballs.

The new Sjorapport series is a line of salmon products and seaweed pearls—which look like caviar, but are made from sustainably-harvested kelp. The salmon is responsibly farmed (it comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified farms), and is offered in a variety of preparations, such as cured, cold smoked, and cured cold smoked.

Also new is the IKEA PS collection, which is a line of whole grain mixes, spice mixes, and instant drinks. The grain mixes come in two flavors: whole grains with mushroom (porcini mushroom, parsley, onion, and thyme) and whole grains with spices (wild garlic, jalapeno, lemon, and lingonberries). The spice mixes are also available in two flavors: wild garlic and lemon, and apple and fennel, and are great for marinating meat or adding a kick to sauces and vinaigrettes. The instant drinks, which are mixed with water to create a flavorful beverage, can be served hot or cold. They come in three flavors: rooibos and rosehip, matcha and lingonberry (our favorite), and maté and raspberry.

All of the items in the market, from the cocoa beans to the salmon and are sustainably farmed (plus there's at least one organic item on the regular menu and the kids' menu each day). IKEA is also offering plenty of vegetarian options for both mains and sides (one highlight: veggie balls and medallions). Oh, and don't miss the desserts: the Princess Cake (pictured here), is a delicious way into the millennial pink trend.

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While the items aren't currently available for purchase online, you can check their availability at your local store on IKEA's website.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple