The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, is ready for the world to meet its miracle baby.​​​​​​​


Calliope the female black howler monkey was born on Jan. 3. And while, as the zoo said in a statement, keepers usually let nature take its course when it comes to animal births, Calliope needed a few extra hands.

Mom Salsa underwent a caesarian section to give birth to her daughter. The zoo made the choice to perform this rare procedure for zoo animals after the 22-year-old monkey had a "prolonged labor with a lack of progress."

Courtesy Audubon Zoo

"In this case, we were able to diagnose a problem with Salsa's cervix, which had a prominent scar, likely from a previous birth," Dr. Robert MacLean, Audubon Nature Institute Senior Veterinarian, who performed the c-section, said in a statement. "We elected to do an emergency cesarean, which went well."

Courtesy Audubon Zoo

Since the staff at the Audubon Zoo was prepared to perform a c-section, the procedure was low-risk for both mom and baby, who are both in great health.

Courtesy Audubon Zoo

Salsa just showed off her new arrival to the public for the first time, joining Calliope's dad Mijo at the zoo's World of Primates. Before this grand reveal, Calliope and Salsa were bonding behind the scenes to ensure they were both healthy and comfortable when they met their adoring fans.