I saved $30 the last time I shopped online—all because of this free and easy tech trick.

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I downloaded the Honey Chrome extension about two months ago, and I absolutely love it. Because here's the thing: I shop online a lot and Honey helps me save a lot. Before Honey, I searched for promo codes via Google before I completed a purchase. Now, Honey does all of that research for me.

Here's how Honey works. First you download it on Chrome. When done right, you'll see a little "h" in the upper right corner of your browser. When it's time to purchase something online, you'll get a pop up at checkout that says "coupons available." Click "apply coupons" and it will automatically run through all the options and apply the best one to your total. Simple, easy, time saving. I've saved as much as $30, so when it works it really works—and there's only been one time that Honey didn't find a code for me, but I still got something. That brings me to my next point...

Through another feature, Honey Gold, you get bonus points when you make purchases. I like this offering because even when a store doesn't use promo codes, I'm still getting points that I can redeem for a gift card later (similar to the virtual version of the punch cards my local coffee shop hands out). I currently have 109 points, and I need hundreds more to earn anything. One day though, I'll have enough and that will be a fun surprise.

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Here's something else: There's a feature called Droplist that alerts you when an item you really want is on sale. It currently works for just 10 stores, but they're biggies—the list includes Target, Amazon, J. Crew, and Saks. It's probably not a feature I'd use often, since the thrill of seeing what I save with Honey's promo code functionality does it for me, but I can see using it the next time I'm purchasing something big for my home (say, a new dishwasher since mine is about to give out at any minute!).

I've found that Honey saves me money and time. It feels like magic every time I shop and save with one extra click!

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