When elbow grease just isn't enough, try these.

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How many times have you been standing in your kitchen trying to helplessly open a jar of sauce? It's frustrating and exhausting. Save your energy and try these hacks from the get-go.

First things first, if you're opening a new jar, tap the bottom of the jar with your palm a few times until you hear a pop. That alone will make it much easier to twist off the lid.

If I'm already at my cutting board with chef's knife in hand, I use the spine of the knife (the opposite of the cutting edge side) to tap all around the lid with moderate force. This method is said to further release the vacuum seal that's making it so hard to twist off. Try twisting off the lid at this point. If it still won't budge, tap around the lid again to make sure you covered the whole circumference.

Another favorite hack for relentless lids is to stretch a thick rubber band (or a couple standard ones) around the lid, and with your other hand holding onto the jar, twist it off. This method adds traction and makes sure you have a good grip so your hand isn't slipping and sliding. If you don't have any rubber bands lying around, a rubber cleaning glove will create the same effect.

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For already-opened jars, you can save yourself the frustration of having a hard time opening it again by placing a piece of plastic wrap on the opening and then twist on the lid to seal. This works well for jars of stickier substances like honey.