By Victoria Moorhouse
April 30, 2018
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This New Product Gave Me Perfect Waves Without a Curling Iron
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Bleaching my hair has been both a curse and a blessing. The downside is obviously that I'm dealing with the aftermath of brittle dryness and breakage, but the upside is that it's completely changed my natural hair texture. My once-straight hair now has the waves and bends you'd get from a dip in the ocean, and that has introduced me to a whole new world of styling products.

I look to sprays, mousse, and heat tools to help me define and zhuzh up my new waves. This takes, as you can imagine, forever, but celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin has developed a new product in her Internet-famous OUAI haircare collection that makes my morning routine at least 20 minutes faster.

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Atkin's new Air-Dry Foam ($28; is a hairstyling product that is specifically designed to hydrate, detangle, and define curls and waves, while still leaving them touchable and soft. It reduces frizz, too, thanks to the addition of carrot protein in the formula that blocks humidity from the hair shaft.

All I do is scrunch half a palm-sized amount of the product into my damp hair. I really scrunch to help the product define my waves, and then just let my hair dry naturally. It takes about an hour to dry, but once it does, I have the type of rock n' roll, loose, effortless waves you see on celebrities.

While it's made for those with wavy and curly hair, anyone can use the product. Just know it might not show as much of a result if your hair is naturally super-straight.

Not only does it save me time in the morning, but it also eliminates the need for heat tools—notoriously bad for anyone dealing with hair damage. With this new product, the Kardashian's hair wiz Jen Atkin has made my hair a little healthier, too.

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