By Brandi Broxson
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Last weekend's seared-on bits don't stand a chance against this fast, easy method.

The secret to banishing stubborn grate grease from your gas or charcoal grill? A roll of aluminum foil, says Meathead Goldwyn, a grill expert at and the author of Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling. First, lay a sheet of heavy-duty foil on the grates of your grill, then layer bricks (a cast-iron skillet or heat-safe heavy pan also works) on top so the foil doesn't float up with the hot air. Heat the grill with the lid closed for five minutes. Then, while wearing heat-safe gloves, remove the foil with tongs and crumple it into a wad. Grasp the foil in the tongs and use it to scrub both sides of the grates. Repeat with new wads of foil until the grates are clean. As for the outside? Once the grill has cooled, dampen a sponge with unsweetened club soda, which will buff away water spots and fingerprints.

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