Consider these for a spring refresh.


This article originally appeared on Real Simple

As temperatures start to heat up, everyone is spending more time outdoors—and that means it's the perfect time to tackle a front yard project. For many of us, our yards are recovering from frost, rain, and cold temperatures. But an updated outdoor space can do wonders to your home's value—whether it's your front yard or backyard. Plus, if you plan on hosting any barbecues or outdoor parties this summer, you might want to get started sooner rather than later.

Houzz just released its 2017 Landscape Trends Study, a survey of 1,000 registered users who are looking to—or are in the midst of—completing an outdoor project. The study showed that while most outdoor projects take place in the back of the home, 44 percent of projects are done to boost curb appeal.

The most important curb appeal features for homeowners involved greenery: beds/borders (47 percent), shrubs (29 percent), perennials (28 percent), and trees (18 percent). And home owners didn't forget about the decorative updates—lighting (16 percent) and pathways (13 percent) made it on the list as well.

A front yard can increase your home's value, but it can also help you get to know your neighbors better. After updating their outdoor space, one in five homeowners (18 percent) said they had more interactions with their neighbors.

The reasons people want to update their outdoor area varies, with a recent home purchase topping the list (33 percent), followed by deteriorated spaces (32 percent), and finally having time to complete a project that's been on the to-do list (28 percent). Longtime homeowners are also looking to transform their yards—about 42 percent of respondents said the last outdoor update was made more than 10 years ago.

When it comes to tackling projects, homeowners are more likely to hire a pro than try to DIY it—63 percent plan to get help in 2017. Of course, a renovation requires some budget, but it varies based on scope. For minor projects, most people (73 percent) spend $5,000 or less, compared to the $15,000 or more most people (55 percent) spend on a complete overhaul.

Whatever your outdoor space needs, the survey can be useful when planning. Take a look at the full results here.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple