Don't expect to see any Olivias or Liams on this list.

By Liz Steelman
Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Getty Images

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

This year, don't be surprised when a celebrity, or even your sibling, unveils the newest member of their family is named Tatjana or Kyd. According to Nameberry, these are the trendiest baby names for 2017.

The site, which is an online resource for baby name research, released a list of 50 names that surged in popularity for the first month of the year. The names are listed in order of percent change in page views on the site—these were the names people searched for and looked at the most. So, while you will see more Sophias and Emmas born this year, there's a very good chance there will be a Moana or Ines enrolling alongside them in preschool.

Take a look at the top 10 girls' and boys' names for 2017 below and head to Nameberry to see the other 30 names.


  1. Tatjana, +1508%
  2. Alizeh, +748%
  3. Tahiti, +551%
  4. Moana, +467%
  5. Ines, +338%
  6. Seren, +239%
  7. Rosamund, +237%
  8. Alisha, +178%
  9. Samara, +155%
  10. Lilian, +124%


  1. Kyd, +4141%
  2. Benajah, +2300%
  3. Sulien, +1656%
  4. Koa, +332%
  5. Gunther, +307%
  6. Cassian, +191%
  7. Beauregard, +147%
  8. Albie, +120%
  9. Issac, +114%
  10. Lucien, +87%

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple