Ben and Erin Napier are making a big move: to your bookshelf!

The stars of HGTV's Home Town rose to fame remodeling houses in their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Now, PEOPLE can exclusively announce that the couple are releasing a book about their lives, titled Make Something Good Today, which will be released in October 2018.

"Writing a book has been a dream for each of us long before TV was part of our lives," Erin tells PEOPLE. "Even our house is designed around our massive book collection!"

The memoir will detail the renovation pros' whole story, from childhood to how Erin says they "met and fell in love in 6 days," to their current gig as television personalities and prominent members of their tight-knit Southern community.

"I think people will be surprised by how small a part something as big as a TV show has been in our lives up to now," says Ben, who along with his wife has been tirelessly working to revitalize their city. "I think readers will enjoy learning how Home Town happening just feels a little like the result of a natural momentum that was already building."

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Much of the text is based off of Erin's online diary, which she has been contributing to daily since 2010 until she took a "maternity leave of sorts" following the birth of the couple's first baby, a daughter named Helen, in January.

"I wrote these journals in real time, but then Ben had a separate perspective on the same events," Erin explains. "It was a long process of curating what should be kept and what should be culled in the story of our life together."

Although there's no shortage of "milestone moments," as Ben describes them, the duo is also opening up about struggles they've encountered along the way, with Erin saying she will reveal how they dealt with a "long-term illness that people may not have known about."

While they look forward to baring all for their fans, the most important person they dream to impact is their almost-four-month-old daughter.

"I hope she will know how much her parents love each other, and that how much we love her was born from that," Erin says.

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