Coworkers of a friendly janitor banded together to bring him some birthday cheer.


Floyd Green has worked at a bank in Howard County, Texas, for more than three decades. He only works on Tuesdays and Fridays, but he has made a lasting impact on those who work with him. The bank's posterity crew teamed up to pitch in to get Green a new furry companion, just in time for his birthday.

In The Upbeat, a new video series from PEOPLE, presented by Citi, Green is seen walking into a room while being filmed by his colleagues. On the table in front of him is a box that his co-workers tell him to open, and when he does, he laughs with surprise when he finds a tiny Yorkie puppy inside. But in his shock, Green didn't realize the puppy was for him,

"What is it?" Green asks, before asking whose puppy it was.

"It's a she," a staffer says. "She is yours."

Green couldn't contain his excitement, and he held his new puppy close.

"Really?" he says. "Thank you!"

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