Wham, bam, expensive ham

GMVozd/Getty Images

How much would you pay for a ham? Like, a really good ham? As much as a month's salary? As much as a car? How about $2.8 million? Because that's how much an 18.77-pound ham from Broadbent B&B Foods of Kuttawa, Kentucky, went for at auction last week.

The ham sold at auction for the record price in the annual Ham Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. The auction was for charity, and also for the love of cured, delicious pork.

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The bid broke the previous record of $2 million for a ham champ in 2014. That is still so much money for a ham, I mean, for a ham for charity. The auction has been a tradition since 1964, and the price of the prize ham has shot up considerably in the ensuing decades.

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