Silken tofu gives these gluten-free protein pancakes a boost.

We have a new breakfast obsession, and it's about to become yours too. I mean, where do I start with these have-it-all protein pancakes? Let's start with the flavor: these Tofu-Oatmeal Pancakes are incredibly delicious and actually taste like a bowl of oatmeal, but so much better. Plus, they’re packed with better-for-you ingredients ingredients that nourish your bod, like fiber and, of course, protein—13 grams of it.

The beauty of this recipe is that you don't really need to be a pancake pro to pull it off—all you really need to know is how to operate a blender. Just blend the fiber-packed rolled oats into a flour to whip up this breakfast go-to (which happens to be gluten-free). And don't be intimidated by the silken tofu—it's the secret ingredient that gives these pancakes their satisfying, spongy texture and an extra boost of protein in addition to the oats! Silken tofu has the consistency of custard and is commonly used in desserts, smoothies, and dips. Find it in a plastic container in the refrigerated section where you’d normally pick up tofu.

Enjoying a plate of pancakes that are both nutritious and tasty is a tough feat—possibly hard to even imagine. But these flapjacks have achieved the seemingly impossible—trust me. Sure, you can substitute all-purpose flour for whole-wheat for an earthy flavor and a boost of whole grains. Or add protein powder to pancake batter to make it a tad more functional and filling. These cook like any other pancake recipe. Cooking them in coconut oil—a healthy fat—enhances their flavor and gives them a nice golden color. Look for the bubbles on the surface as they cook, as that’s a great indicator of when to flip them over.

To top it off, pure maple syrup is all you need.

We vouch for these with a light drizzle of maple syrup and toasted almonds, but if you’re looking for even more protein, a dollop of nut butter would be divine, too. Need for recipes that better-for-you and taste incredible? We've got some lunches and sides you'll love.