A gift gone wrong.

By Sarah Yang
November 14, 2017
Credit: amazon.com

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

For the most part, online shopping is pretty easy—especially on Amazon, where items can come the same day or even within two hours. But sometimes with online shopping, appearances can be deceiving and you get something in the mail that looks nothing like it was pictured online. The latest example? The Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear.

In a hilarious twist, customers who ordered the giant bear, received a 6.5-foot tall stuffed animal with extremely long legs and very short arms. Twitter user, @cooltonedcutie, discovered the baffled and hilarious reviews from customers who were a bit confused about the teddy bear's proportions. Take a look at some of the reviews below.

"Hideous! The legs are like 4 feet long making the bear look like a creepy gumby thing. I got this for Valentine's Day and would have rather had a cheaper more proportional bear...I mean this isn't even cute." –Savannah

"I was expecting the bear to be huge because it's 6.5 ft right? No, all of its height is from its legs and the legs are longer than its upper body." –Michael

"I feel there should have been more emphasis on the lower portion of the teddy bear. The photos mostly show a proportional torso and typically oversized head as is common in large, human-sized teddy bears. Where the emphasis is lacking is in the giant pendulous legs that haunt the lower two thirds of this stuffed freak bear. It appears to be some sort of bipedal giraffe bear hybrid." –K. Erickson

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While some of the official manufacturer pictures are a bit misleading on the page since they picture the bear sitting down, there is one picture with the bear upright where you can see its long legs. So it's not as misleading, but that it doesn't make it less surprising (or funny).

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple