Broward Sheriff's Office

A woman who was left living on the streets of Florida with her dog after experiencing hardships was given refuge when a trio of kindhearted firefighters pitched in to get her, and her pup, shelter from the rain.

It was around 2 a.m. on Tuesday when the Broward Sheriff's Office received a call from a disabled homeless woman who complained of pain from standing too long, according to a post from the department's Facebook page. The department dispatched a crew from a local fire station to check up on her, and they soon found the woman — along with a dog and her belongings — along the sidewalk in rain.

That's when the woman told the firefighters the heartbreaking story about what had led to her predicament.

"Her mother, whom she had been living with and taking care of full time, had recently passed away," the department said in their Facebook post. "Before she could get a job and start making an income, she was kicked out of her home and began living from hotel to hotel. Money eventually ran out."

After hearing her story, the firefighters did their best to locate her a free place to stay, but after calling local shelters and programs, they weren't able to find a place so late at night.

"We couldn't go to a shelter because she had a dog with her. We were left with our hands tied," firefighter Daniel Rodriguez recalled to Yahoo Lifestyle. "It was raining, it was the middle of the night, the area was not great in terms of crime and the dog was older and sick."

That's when the firefighters made the decision to take the woman, "her puppy, and her essentials to a nearby hotel and pay for her room," the department said in their Facebook post, which featured a picture of the men loading the woman into an ambulance with her dog laying on top of her.

According to Yahoo, the firefighters then put their money together to buy the woman a hotel room for the night. The woman told them her brother had planned to visit the next day and help her.

"We've never felt like this — all three of us unanimously felt compassion for this lady," Rodriguez said. "She was very appreciative, she cried with us, she talked with us about personal things. It wasn't just assistance, she also needed someone to talk to."

Dozens of people thanked the crew for their generosity in the Facebook post, and many called the firefighters "heroes."

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"Good to know that we have such wonderful and caring first responders," wrote commenter Leah Jaffe. "That job takes very special people!"

"What a wonderful, heartwarming, generous act by these caring firefighter/paramedics," added Cheri Palmer. "With so much negativity in the world, it gives me hope for humanity that there are still some who care for those less fortunate."

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