A lot has changed since Joanna Gaines found fame on Fixer Upper, but there's one thing she's always kept the same.

During a trip to New York City in 2005, the HGTV star, 39, who recently said goodbye to her hit show after five seasons, stumbled upon a candlemaker named Shane. "I loved everything about his candles," she writes in her Magnolia newsletter. "The original scents he developed, the way he hand-poured the soy and coconut wax blend, and of course the wooden wick that crackles as the candle burns."

The mom of four — she's pregnant with her and husband Chip's fifth child, a boy — decided to splurge on Shane's creations, and she ordered 50 of the linen scent with plans to sell them at one of her "home shows," a sale that she regularly hosted in the family's farmhouse.

"There was something about these candles that sort of nudged me to take a risk on them," she said.

Sure enough, the "Signature Magnolia Candle," as she calls it now, sold out immediately, inspiring her to continue offering it to customers to this very day. Although the design of the jar has seen several iterations — "In a way, it's sort of changed and grown with me" she says — she hasn't messed with the heart of the product.


"I've been ordering that same Signature Magnolia Candle from Shane ever since," she writes. "The linen scent is still the exact same as it was 10 years ago."

While the newest look, which combines "clean and modern with a touch of whimsy," would certainly complement any space in Joanna's farmhouse-modern style, what she really hopes fans benefit from is how the classic aroma makes them feel.

"It amazes me how a simple smell can take you back to an exact moment in time — for me, the clean linen scent reminds me of those early home show days where all of this got started," she says. "My hope for these candles is that they fill your home with a scent that sparks your own fond memories, and that, for years to come, it'll take you back to happy times spent with those you love most of all."