Big Mama has moved to a new house.


For more than four years, the pet chicken was a beloved part of the Sword family, living with them in College Station, Texas.

So when the 6-year-old Rhode Island Red bird died on Jan. 21, the Swords wanted to honor her with more than a private goodbye.

According to Huffington Post, the grieving owners took out a large paid obituary in the local The Eagle newspaper to match Big Mama's place in their lives.

"Not many chickens deserve an obituary, but she does," reads the start of the death notice, which goes on to detail Big Mama's humble beginnings in a Houston apartment, her close brush with death when her previous owner took her to be euthanized and her second chance at life with the Swords.

Big Mama went from a skinny bird stuck inside a little room, to a large, well-fed chicken enjoying the freedom of the outdoors and a loving family.

She is survived by the Sword family and the rest of their flock: Bubbles, Runt, Ms. S, Funky, Lucky and Blondie.

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Big Mama died in her sleep, night-sitting in her favorite spot in the Swords' chicken coop.

While it is a hard time for her owners, they realize Big Mama went to the big henhouse in the sky with memories of being the beautiful, happy chicken her family knew she could be.

R.I.P., Big Mama.

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