Mama would approve of this hack. 

By Erika Owen

There are a lot of things that get a little bit more difficult when you live alone, and that includes putting on a duvet cover.

Whether they're there for moral support, to laugh at you as you wrestle a poofy blanket into the duvet over's small openings, or to actually help, it's truly a two-person sport.

However, thanks to Inhabitat editor Yuka Yoneda, we know feel a little bit better knowing that all of the people living along out there have a method for making the task a bit easier.

Yoneda calls it the "Burrito Method," and it's life-changing. Instead of tugging, pulling, and stuffing the blanket inside of the duvet cover, you simply lay it on top of the blanket, roll both blankets into one giant burrito, and viola—you've got yourself a perfectly placed, blanket-filled duvet cover. (Well, it's a little more complicated than that.)

Check out the video above for a full tutorial. You're welcome.

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