Hint: There's no watering required.


If you don't have enough of a green thumb to keep a fickle fiddle-leaf fig or even a low-maintenance philodendron alive, we have some good news. According to the trend pros at Pinterest, dried arrangements are on the rise—meaning you won't have to worry about watering, sunlight, or plant care to fill your home with these beauties.

Pinterest reports that search and pins for "herbariums" is up a whopping 345 percent since last year. A herbarium is a dried plant specimen—think flowers, leaves, palm fronds—typically used for scientific study. Modern-day herbariums can be preserved leaves or blooms set in a double glass floating frame (such as those pictured, from $13; save-on-crafts.com). To DIY your own, you can follow our instructions for drying leaves using a press or heavy books here, and substitute in flat blooms if you're planning a floral arrangement. The process of drying botanicals takes a little patience (fully-dried flowers will take at least a few weeks), but the beautiful results, which can be enjoyed for decades, is worth it.

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In addition to herbariums, dried floral arrangements are seeing a spike in Pinterest search. Whether you're planning to preserve your wedding bouquet or just want an arrangement you won't have to replace every week, dried florals make it easy to always have flowers at home. Forget about a tired bunch of roses, modern dehydrated arrangements are all about texture and movement. If you want to try it yourself, start with hydrangea, eucalyptus, yarrow, or sea holly. The trick is to not add any water to the vase to start, as doing so will cause the entire bouquet to shrivel and wilt once the water runs out.

If you prefer to buy rather than DIY your dried decor, there are sellers on Etsy who offer both complete bouquets and bundles of dried flowers by variety, which are typically used for wreath-making. Choose a variety of colors and textures to build an arrangement that really wows. When done right, you'll be surprised how much dead botanicals can liven up a room.

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