Because who has time to wash their bra every other day?

By Katie Holdefehr
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Most of us probably don't wash our bras as often as we're supposed to (guilty). According to the experts, you should ideally wash your bra after every other wear, or at the most, after every third wear. So if you're a creature of habit who doesn't mix up her bra routine too often, then you'd probably have to wash your bra every three days to keep it clean and make it last for longer. And considering that the recommended method for washing these dainties is by hand, that's a lot of time devoted to the task. I knew there had to be a better way.

So a few months ago, when I was strolling through a store and spotted The Laundress Delicate Spray ($8,, it stopped me in my tracks. I had used The Laundress's wool shampoo before (which smells amazing), so I had to at least give the spray a sniff test. Giving it a test spritz, I found it was a light, fresh scent, without being overly perfumey or floral. Reading further, I learned that a few spritzes of the spray could freshen up delicate clothing—including bras, tights, even dry clean-only dresses—in between washes. Taking a peek at the ingredients list (a simple mix of water, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance), I saw that the alcohol contributes antibacterial properties and helps eliminate odors, while the essential oils help mask them. I immediately grabbed a bottle to test out.

After a few months of spritzing this spray on bras and tights, I'm sold. While it of course doesn't save me from frequent hand-washing, it does help extend the freshness of delicates between washings, letting me go at least one more day before I have to commit to the time-consuming task. Here's how it works: Holding the bottle about six inches away from the garment, give it a few spritzes. Right after it's sprayed, the fabric may feel a little sticky or soapy, so wait until it's completely dry before getting dressed. I've found that it can help extend the wash cycle of bras by about one wear—which is enough to earn it a permanent spot on my closet shelf. If you, too, dread the all-too-frequent chore of hand-washing or want to wait a little longer between dry cleaning days, this refreshing spray deserves a place in your clothing care kit.

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