If you're a CVS ExtraCare Rewards member, you've likely enjoyed saving a few dollars at the register, or collecting the coupons that print on your receipt. But there are a number of little-known benefits that cardholders can take advantage of—including skipping the line and free CVS cash. Read about them below, and hear what current cardholders love most about their membership.


This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Cash Back on Most Purchases

Every time you scan your ExtraCare Rewards card, you earn 2 percent back on your purchases. The money can be redeemed every quarter (Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1) in the form of Quarterly ExtraBucks—AKA free CVS cash.

"I love shopping at CVS, because I can get all the essentials but it also feels like a game sometimes—trying to see how many ExtraBucks I get every quarter, or how much I can save with the many coupons and discounts you get from being a loyal shopper," says Sarah Yang, lifestyle editor at RealSimple.com.

Rewards for Prescription Refills

Every time you fill or refill a prescription, you earn 1 credit. Every time you fill or refill a 90-day prescription, you earn 3 credits. Once you've earned 10 credits, $5 ExtraBucks will be added to your ExtraCare account.

Mobile Pay in One Easy Scan

After downloading the free CVS Pharmacy app, you can add a credit or debit card and link your ExtraCare card (and if you do this by March 31, you'll receive $5 in ExtraBucks). The app lets you refill and manage prescriptions and will alert you when the prescription is ready. Plus, a single barcode will handle payment and process all ExtraCare deals.

Curbside Pickup

No time to shop? Use the app to order ahead, then have the order delivered straight to your car (and avoid the line altogether). Any eligible ExtraCare deals and rewards will be applied to curbside pickup orders.

Exclusive ExtraCare Beauty Club Access

For every $50 you spend on CVS beauty products, you'll receive $5 ExtraBucks. Plus, when you sign up for the club, you'll receive a 10 percent shopping pass—a one-time 10 percent off coupon that can be used on your next beauty purchase.

"It's kind of like credit cards points—spending begets spending, but you don't care because you're saving money you would otherwise be spending elsewhere," says Claire Saffitz, senior food editor at Bon Appetit and self-proclaimed CVS superfan.

Digital Coupons

In addition to printing coupons for in-store purchases, you can also send offers to your ExtraCare card that will be automatically redeemed at checkout. CVS Pharmacy app users can also access exclusive app-only ExtraCare coupons that can be sent to your card to be redeemed at checkout.

"These savings, when combined with other one-off coupons (which I print in-store at the kiosks) and in-store sales on certain products can be really significant,' Saffitz says. "...I love watching the consumer-facing screen on the card scanner take off all the discounts one-by-one, and I see my total go from $60 down to $35 or something like that. Basically, at CVS, I never pay the full amount. If I save less than 25 percent, I consider the trip a failure. It makes me feel like a great bargain shopper because essentials are really expensive and I'm always trying to save money."

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This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple