And you can rent it!


Vacation decisions can sometimes be difficult. Take, for instance, the sunny afternoon conundrum of having to choose between being out on the water or sipping fruity rum drinks from a breezy thatched-roof beach bar.

The choice is one many have no doubt had to make. But for every problem there is a solution—and for Florida resident Greg Darby, the solution was a waterbound, motorized, cruising tiki bar.

His company, Cruisin' Tikis, makes its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, where three floating tiki bars—consisting of a circular thatched-roof bar atop a motorized platform—are available to rent by the hour for groups of up to 6. Starting at $300 for one hour (and increasing $100 per additional hour), the Cruisin' Tikis come with a captain, cooler, and ice, and are BYO food and drink.

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Cruisin' Tikis LLC

But good news: Since the launch of Cruisin' Tikis in 2015, the company has expanded all along the East Coast and down to the Bahamas. Tiki lovers can hop on board in the U.S. as far south as Key West and as far north as New York, with itineraries that include bar hopping and sightseeing. And even better news: If you want a piece of this lucrative and all-around-awesome pie, you can even franchise a Cruisin' Tiki—or purchase one all for your own enjoyment for $34,900.

Well, we definitely know what we're asking for this year for our birthdays. See more of these party boats in action below, and book your cruise here.

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