The retailer has everything you need to make the ultimate wish list for your special occasion.

By Maddy Sims
August 08, 2017

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Costco has offered unexpected membership perks like wedding, auto, and insurance programs in the past, but now they're taking it one step further. The store partnered with MyRegistry to offer a gift registry service that allows shoppers to add everything Costco has to offer—from bedding to artwork to nursery furniture to cookware—to one convenient wish list.

For members about to tie the knot, an existing service called Weddings By Costco helped shoppers order invitations, buy rings, and purchase flowers. With a Costco membership, newlyweds could even purchase destination honeymoon packages complete with exclusive deals and savings on everything from hotel fees to airfare. But now, with Costco's new gift registry, engaged couples can keep all of their plans (and wishes) for the big day in one place.

And thanks to the new gift registry service, members with a little one on the way can use the new service to stock up baby essentials, too. They'll be fully prepared for the newest member of the family by registering for toys, baby gear, books, formula, or nursery decor. Expectant parents can even register for bulk quantities of necessities like diapers and creams, so they won't have to worry about rushing to the store in a pinch later on.

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Customers who want to get started can create, manage, or find a registry on MyRegistry's site. And new registrants don't even have to start from scratch—they can browse and add top picks for weddings or baby necessities.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple