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You'll be the star of the party if you show up with this treat.

Classic New York-style cheesecake will always have a special place in our hearts. But because the tangy cream-cheese base is so endlessly adaptable, it's hard not to get creative when it comes to the popular dessert. (Yes, we've even made one in a slow cooker—and went a little crazy with some Twix bars).

While we swirled our speculoos-crusted cheesecake filling with pumpkin, Costco's version layers a cookie butter cheesecake on top of New York style cheesecake, and piles it all on top of a speculoos crust. Now that's a dessert made for die-hard Biscoff cookie fans if we've ever seen one.

The massive 3.44 lb. cheesecake (currently on sale for just $7) is made by Sweet Offerings Bake Shop, who sells their desserts to Costco and Walmart. It's available in the freezer section at select Costco locations—but if you can't find it near you or don't have a Costco membership, you can still get your cookie butter fix. Try our Ginger-Pumpkin Mini Pies With Speculoos Crust and Whipped Cream, or our one-bowl, three-ingredient speculoos cookies. Plus, Trader Joe's sells Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites, which they suggest enjoying popsicle-style (eaten straight from the freezer on a lollipop stick). Starbucks has jumped on the trend as well with their new bar featuring cookie butter three ways.

If the cheesecake hasn't convinced you of Costco's greatness, perhaps this list of incredible membership perks will.

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