Everything We Know About the Menu at Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New Restaurant

From "famous" ham sandwiches to biscuits and gravy, there will be a lot to love at the Waco, Texas brunch spot.

We have no doubt the interior will be flawlessly decorated, with a delicious menu to match. Here's everything you can likely expect to see at Waco's latest brunch joint.

1. Chip's Famous Ham Sandwich

This sandwich is among the few dishes Joanna has revealed will be on the menu. Chip can often be found eating one after a long day of work on "Fixer Upper," and we can't wait to see what makes it "famous."

2. Homemade Pies

If her Spiced Pecan Pie or Lemon Meringue are any indication, Joanna knows how to make a pretty tasty pie.

3. Farm Eggs Benedict

Another early reveal from Joanna's blog. We can only hope this means the eggs are fresh from the Gaines' farm. Homemade English muffins would make this a must-have.

4. Homemade Biscuits With Jam and Butter

5. Pancakes With Bacon and Eggs

This is Chip's all-time favorite breakfast (served with a glass of orange juice), so we have a suspicion it will end up on the menu in some capacity.

6. Gaines Brothers Burger

No southern brunch spot is complete with a classic burger, and if it's beloved by the Gaines brothers, we bet we'll love it too. Joanna hinted at its inclusion on her blog.

7. A LOT of Baked Goods

Hoping to bring the Gaines' style into your kitchen? Check out their new Target line.

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