As if we need another reason to bring more blue into our lives!

Dasha Wright; Stylist: Lynn Nesmith

It's no secret: At Coastal Living, we love the color blue—from indigo and cobalt to robin's egg and aqua. But this month, we declared Capri Blue one of our Hottest Colors of Summer (and the hottest shade of blue, period). And while we'd argue the shade's on trend-ness based on its cheerful warm-weather vibes and versatility, there's another reason you might want to consider surrounding yourself with this vibrant hue.

From left: Photo: Jonny Valiant, Styling: Erin Swift; Courtesy of Pantone

According to science (and legend), Capri Blue—and the entire turquoise family—may have powers that go far beyond prettying up beach homes. Reminiscent of the soothing seas, turquoise shades are believed to boost emotional healing, relieve mental stress, and promote balance and stability in the mind.

While we can in part credit this to the healing powers of the ocean, the color also gets its meaning from the psychological benefits associated with the turquoise stone. One of the world's most ancient gems, turquoise has been used as a symbol of health and prosperity by many cultures for thousands of years. Ancient soldiers wore the stone for protection; some Native Americans believed it could summon rain. Today, believers in crystal healing say the stone can increase self-confidence and banish negative energy.

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Whether or not you believe in the smorgasbord of benefits associated with this beachy hue, it's worth splashing some Capri Blue around your home just in case. Here are six ways to decorate with this all-star shade.

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