By Michelle Boudin
March 31, 2017

This article originally appeared on People

Meghan Butler was at her bachelorette party when she and her bridesmaids started plotting ways to have puppies at her wedding. They'd seen a picture of another bridal party posing with puppies, instead of the traditional flower bouquets, and wanted to do the same.

"We're all animal lovers, so it felt right and we could not get enough of them," Butler tells PEOPLE.

The attorney says it was pretty funny when the girls got to Symphony Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, for their photo shoot and the photographer said "O.K., everybody pick up a puppy!"

"You put puppies and women together, and it was just a lot of squawking and squealing and smiling," recalls photographer Brittany Boland, a childhood friend of the bride.

"It was really cute. Some of the puppies were wiggling a lot and some were just zonked out," she says.

Bridesmaid Christine Eidson says, "My little guy, Brick, was just the sweetest thing, He just wanted to sleep and cuddle."

Butler, 30, is passionate about pet adoption. She and her husband have two cats and two dogs between them – all adopted.

"On our first date, he asked me how many cats I had and I think he was afraid I was the crazy cat lady," says the bride.

Instead of wedding favors for guests, the couple made donations to the Greater Charlotte SPCA, the shelter that provided the pups.

"It was really great on Meghan's wedding day to be able to bring awareness to a cause she's so passionate about – pet adoptions," Eidson says.

But what was the best thing to come from the puppy bouquets? The bridal party agrees it's that all but one of the puppies has since been adopted.

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The bride says, "It was really special. This is near and dear to my heart and to be able to bring awareness to the need for adoptions – that was the best part of my wedding. Besides marrying Brett of course!" This Story Originally Appeared On <a href="" > People </a>

This Story Originally Appeared On People