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The Brilliant Cleaning Tool That Gets My Bathroom Spotless–Even Behind the Toilet
Credit: amazon.com

This tub and tile scrubber gets into all the bathroom nooks and crannies.

Probably my number one least favorite task is cleaning the bathroom. And yet, when it's done, I usually feel the most rewarded from this chore than from any other. Living with a little boy who's yet to master the art of the stand-up wee-wee, my bathroom smells like a truck-stop urinal most of the time, which is why I am so obsessed with the Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber from OXO ($13; amazon.com).

Instead of straining my back or bruising my knees like I used to every time I crouched around those hard-to-reach spots (like behind the toilet), I just grab my Scrubber and get to work. It's great because the brush extends from 26" to 42" easily, and you can maneuver it into all those hard-to-reach corners, crevices, and grout lines.

In fact, although I bought this tub and tile scrubber for cleaning pee stains behind the toilet, I've actually surprised myself with how many ways I can use it. The brush, which pivots to clean at different angles, is great for reaching that little strip between my sliding shower doors, not to mention the very tops of my tile walls (because I'm getting too old to balance precariously on the edge of the bathtub!). I can get the whole bathroom clean faster and with fewer cleaning supplies thanks to the abrasive sponge that retains enough water for rinsing.

This Scrubber has actually made me not hate cleaning the bathroom, which is honestly something I never thought I would say.

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