They go on sale today. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
April 27, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Compartés

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine

Sure, maybe Avocado has been a wee bit overexposed. It's on toast and in smoothies. There are entire restaurants dedicated to serving only avocado. But it's still damn good. And starting today, you can now get avocado in your chocolate.

You can thank Compartes for the creation, a gourmet chocolate shop which produces colorful, artistic designs for their line of bars in flavors ranging from potato chip to birthday cake. They're best known for their Rosé chocolate bar, which came out last summer.

Compartes teamed up with the California Avocado Commission to create their newest chocolate concoction, so you can rest assured the avocados in your artisan chocolate are not only locally sourced from farmer's markets, but they're both organic and sustainably farmed.

Trying what we think sounds like a divine combination will cost you though: Each bar retails for $10.

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But if you can get all the well-known health benefits of avocados while indulging in one of the best comfort foods out there, it might just be worth it.

This Story Originally Appeared On Food & Wine