Hear us out.

By Patricia Shannon
March 05, 2018

Raise your hand if you have a bottle of green aloe in your fridge at this very moment. Same. We're a fan of slathering on the super chilled salve after a day in the heat, never mind the sun. It's cool, moisturizing, and just what our skin craves during those hot summer days—which, on a side note, we're hoping will be here before we know it. Turns out, there's more than one use for the nectar of those prickly plants. Beauty site Byrdie recently reported that aloe is gaining popularity as a miracle hair product ingredient. Naturally, we needed to know more.

Aloe as Moisturizer

When it comes to packing a major dose of hydration in a natural way, aloe is the heavy hitter you're looking for. It's the primary ingredient in Captain Blankenship Mer-Mane Conditioner (we know, how cute is that?), working to drench hair with plenty of moisture while a slew of natural marine extracts give the enviable hair texture that, until now, could only result from a dip in the ocean.

Aloe as Soother

We love finding a product that works double duty, and aloe does just that. Hair products that utilize aloe as a primary ingredient, like Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera, can be used to naturally soothe both scalp and strands, while also acting as a detangler.

Aloe as Booster

Herbivore's Sea Mist Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist calls on aloe to boost hair's overall health and balance. Often times a sea mist or salt water spray can leave hair feeling utterly straw-like and unhealthy, but it seems Herbivore hit the right note when they decided to pair sea salt with ultra soothing aloe.

We've been hair masking our way through winter and now it's finally time to swap our hair-care stash for something lighter, but equally hydrating. That's where these aloe-packed picks come in. They'll leave strands refreshed, moisturized, and healthy—without the heft.

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