Who says rosé is just for summer?

By Sammy Nickalls
September 25, 2017
Credit: Image courtesy Aldi

This article originally appeared on Extra Crispy

If you haven't already heard of Aldi, you may want to hit it up. The discount grocer has wildly low prices on all the essentials, and it even has an impressively affordable line of organic foods for the health conscious. Now, it turns out the grocer will soon be selling its award-winning wine...for only $8. But let's back up: In June, The Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 was ranked as one of the best in the world at the "Oscars" of wine, otherwise known as the International Wine Challenge. And now, just three months after being dubbed the IWC's Great Value Rosé under £8 ($10.33), the wine will go on sale throughout U.S. Aldi stores on the Wednesday.

"The International Wine Challenge Great Value Awards are there to show shoppers that delicious wine doesn't need to come with an expensive price tag," Charles Metcalfe, co-chairman of the IWC, said in May.

Made by Julian Faulkner of Jules Wines, the rosé was previously only available in the U.K., but following the wine's massive success, it will soon be available for thirsty, budget-strapped Americans to guzzle while watching the news.

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Aldi describes the wine as possessing notes of "strawberry, white fruit, and subtle spice"--perfect to pair with some nice cheap cheeses at Aldi's for a night in. But you have to act fast: The award-winning rosé is available only while supplies last at Aldi's locations that are able to sell alcohol, so we definitely recommend stocking up while you can. Specifically, to invite wino friends over and serve them award-winning wine, only to inform them that it costs $7.99. Is there anything better than that?

This Story Originally Appeared On Extra Crispy