Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has an enormous family. How big? Big enough that the number of relatives attending Monday's national championship game could fill four full college football rosters.

That's right. According to, Tua will have at least 405 family members in the stands at Levi's Stadium. Many of them live near the stadium in the Bay Area but the others are flocking there from around the western United States—Utah, Colorado, Washington and, of course, Hawaii.

Tagovailoa's father is one of nine children and his mother is one of 10, and many of those aunts and uncles have big families themselves. Add them all together—along with all the distant relatives that came out of the woodwork when Tua burst on the scene at Alabama—and you have literally hundreds of people who want to come out and support him.

"Just physically us being there is the biggest thing, the show of support," Tagovailoa's uncle Derek Faavi told "I'm really excited to see all of our family. It's going to feel like a little family reunion."

While the NCAA allows parents and legal guardians attending College Football Playoff games to be reimbursed for their travel expenses, Tua's other relatives will be on the hook for their expenses. The good news is that tickets to the game are way cheaper than in years past, selling on the secondary market for well below face value.

The crowd in Santa Clara was probably already going to be tilted in Alabama's favor, now there will a large contingent pulling for one player in particular.

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