The free meat that fell out of it was a nice bonus

Throwing out your bacon fat.
Credit: mphillips007/Getty Images

Christmas came early in Lakeland, Florida, this week, the site of a tractor trailer crash that scattered frozen meats across the road and filled the air with the delightful scent of fried pork fat.

Late on Tuesday night, a tractor trailer stalled out on some train tracks. The driver got out and attempted to flag down an oncoming CSX train traveling from Winter Haven to Jacksonville, but the freighter couldn't pump the brakes before it reached the crossing. Though there were no injuries reported, the sideswiping collision split the truck in half, causing dozens of boxes of frozen meats to spill out of its side.

Local police and CSX crews were on hand to assist with cleanup, and the stuck train was able to get moving again shortly before 6 AM.Once the Colorado Meat and Seafood Company said it no longer wanted the delivery, they started tossing the lightly road-flavored foods into a dumpster. But as a curious crowd descended on the area, authorities allowed locals to collect the dozens of boxes of frozen meat that would've otherwise gone to waste.

"People are hungry," onlooker Jessie Woulard told reporters from Fox 13 Tampa Bay. "Some people are so hungry they'll wash it off. Everybody needs something. It's Christmas."

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Those who stuck around to collect food for an hour until officials had to clear the area were no doubt lured by the pleasant, smoky odor of everyone's favorite breakfast meat. "I gotta be honest, it smells like bacon," Fox 13's Alcides Segui commented while reporting from the scene. If only every town smelled like bacon all the time, maybe the world would be a better place.

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