By Victoria Moorhouse
This DIY Moisturizer Kit Is Like a Meal Delivery Service for Your Face
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This article originally appeared on InStyle

DIY beauty recipes are often advertised as simple solutions to some of your most annoying problems. It's the idea that you can heal your zit or hydrate your dry, brittle hair with common household ingredients living on your pantry shelf. But if you're like me (someone who's fridge and has a hard time making a stomach-able crock-pot dinner due to a void of spices, etc), DIY beauty kinda sounds like, um, the worst.

But there's a new brand Ktchn Apothecary, out there looking to change that by making the task of whipping up your own moisturizer ten times easier. You can think of it as the "Blue Apron of moisturizers," as it was explained to me, and the brand sends you everything you need, completely measured out, to make yourself a facial moisturizer in the comfort of your own kitchen. The idea is that you can make a fresh jar of product filled with simple, minimalistic ingredients and less fillers. Basically, only stuff that's going to benefit your complexion.

So here's what comes in the box. The entire set is $45, which is likely about the same price as a moisturizer from a prestige beauty brand. But because you're making it yourself without any preservatives, obviously, it only has a shelf life of 60 days.

For $45, you get a glass beaker, a whisk to stir everything together, the glass jar to house the product, and all the ingredients, which include aloe gel, ground oats, organic beeswax, and facial oils like avocado, jojoba, rosehip, carrot seed, and more.

The instructions look relatively foolproof, and the site has a thorough explanation of how to make it, along with visuals.

The downsides, in our opinion? Regardless of how quick it takes, it is still a process. Because everything is pre-measured, there isn't that much clean-up, but there's still more than what you'd have it you stopped by your local drugstore for a tub of cream.

The pros? It's a simple, less sticky step into the world of DIY beauty, and likely more accountable than just picking a random step-by-step found in the depths of the Internet. And if you hate it, the brand promises a refund, which is nice because we doubt your grocery store would care if you're returning coconut oil because your hair is still dry. Overall, before you get off your daily moisturizer, it might be a good idea to talk to your derm about the recipe to make sure it will jive with your skin type.

This Story Originally Appeared On Instyle