What do football, Minneapolis, and a crowd of 125,000 have in common? You guessed it – Super Bowl Sunday! With Game Day quickly approaching, Southerners are getting excited for the big event. Planning parties, preparing food, and pulling out the big screen are just a few of the tasks to complete before the Eagles take on the Patriots. So, how much does winning the big game actually cost the players? In addition to bragging rights and a stunning championship ring, the competitors on the winning team get an $112,000 bonus! With the cost of the celebratory ring coming in at about 30 grand, each player receives around $142,000 for the win. However, they don’t get to pocket all that cash. The money is taxed based on the player’s salary bracket, and most of them are in the highest one. That means the Super Bowl winners could owe a whopping $52,540 each, and that’s not including state income tax. Of course, before you shed a tear for these celebrated football players, remember that NFL salaries start at $450,000 per year. We think they’ll be just fine, y’all.

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