And no, it's not in your beach bag.

Mother and Daughter Applying Sunscreen at the Beach
Credit: Tom Merton/Getty Images

It's August y'all, which means the dog days of summer are officially here. Every Southerner knows that the best way to deal with the scorching heat is to seek refuge in the nearest body of water. No matter if you're floating in a lake, pool, or ocean, it's important to bring along your go-to bottle of SPF so you don't look like a crispy piece of fried chicken.

Even if you pack a luxurious formula, getting out of the water to apply more sunscreen is annoying. This is especially the case since the last thing anyone wants to do when they're hot, sweaty and sticky is to add something else that feels hot, sweaty and sticky onto their bodies. Luckily, I learned a new beauty hack that makes putting SPF on a little more bearable. The secret: Storing it in your cooler instead of your beach bag.

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Yes, I'm telling you to keep your sunscreen next to those icy cold cans of beer and La Croix Seriously, what's a better way to cool down than spritzing yourself with a chilled mist? Think of it as a refreshing facial spray for your whole body — but even more effective since it's also protecting your skin against the sun's harmful UV rays.

Beyond making SPF application a more enjoyable experience (trust us, your kids and husband will love it too), stashing it in the cooler is also a good way to remember to reapply it throughout the day. That way, every time you reach inside for a cold beverage, you'll see the sunscreen bottle as a reminder.