Experts Predict Another Sizzling Summer Of Above-Average Temperatures

This one's gonna be a scorcher.

Heat Wave

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Well folks, experts are predicting yet another scorcher of a summer. Sorry in advance to your electricity bill.

NOAA’s seasonal long-range weather outlook for June, July, and August shows that most states are headed for extra-hot summers, with above-average temperatures forecasted for parts of the eastern and southern U.S. Southwestern states are expected to experience the hottest temperatures, while meteorologists predict near-normal conditions for the midwest. 

Summer 2023 Weather


We still have some time before things heat up in the south. According to NOAA, June will bring cooler weather to the southern U.S. thanks to a pending El Niño. 

Farmer’s Almanac paints a similar picture for the next few months, predicting that most of the country will experience “plenty of three-digit temperatures and high humidity” and an “oppressive, showery, and thundery” summer in the south. 

“The heat will seem unrelenting for some areas, persisting from late June through early September,” the almanac’s Summer Extended Forecast warns. “Temperatures will, at times, soar into the 90s, perhaps even topping 100°F.” 

Neck fan, anyone?

The signs that we're headed for another scorcher are there. NOAA ranked last summer—which saw an average temperature of 73.9 degrees F (2.5 degrees above average)—as the third-hottest in 128 years. And the first three months of 2023 were the warmest on record in five states from Virginia to Florida.

Could we be in for another record-breaking summer? There's only one way to find out.

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