51 Summer Decor Ideas That Are As Hot As The Weather

Considering how sweltering the South gets in the summer, that's saying a lot.

4th of July Backyard Pool Party by The Vine Garden Market
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Summertime is a state of mind as much as it is a season. In summer, we want our homes to reflect that same sunshine-y mindset and complement the climate outside. As soon as the season starts and through the dog days of summer, you’ll find Southern homes adorned with sweet florals and bright colors. This extra special and extra hot time of year is also the perfect time to embrace decor inspired by coastal design, like beachy color palettes and nautical nods, and tropical motifs, like summer fruit and palm leaves galore. 

It’s also the time of year when we are most thankful for outdoor living spaces in our homes, lawns, and gardens. We take full advantage of our porches and patios, both for daily lounging and for entertaining guests throughout the summer. So in addition to our homes’ interior spaces, our exterior spots need to be in tip-top shape too. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on both fronts. Here are our best seasonal decor ideas made for summer.

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Imitate Lighting Bugs

Umbrella Stand Centerpiece
Patricia Lyons

Charming fairy lights instantly turn any summer space whimsical. Float them around a porch, patio, or yard to create a summer haven with the magic of faux fireflies.

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Coral Craze

Beach Party
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kathleen Varner; Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe: Celine Russell/Zenobia

Summer decorating is all about the color schemes. The goal is light, bright, and playful. Pinkish-orange coral checks all the boxes.

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Cabbage Ware



No need to retire your prized cabbage and lettuce ware once spring shifts into summer. We can't get enough of these leafy green table settings all season long.

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Refreshing Bar Cart

Poolside Bar
Laura Moss; Design: Muffie Faith; Styling: Natasha Louise King

An afternoon spent outside in the summer calls for something refreshing to sip on. Fill a portable bar cart with refreshing beverages and pretty glassware for your crew to cool down with.

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A Pastel Take On A Classic Color Palette

An open floorplan allows this dining room to live large, and white furniture and walls make it feel more spacious.
Jean Allsopp

Blue and white are a color combination that we'll never tire of, whether it's for homes or china patterns. In the summertime, a lightened up blue and white pairing hits the mark for a perfectly cool and airy look.

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Tropical Palms

Palm in a vase
Palm fans make a low-maintenance alternative to a house-plant. In fresh water, they can last up to a month.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

In addition to floral bouquets, consider incorporating palm leaves into your summer home. A fanned-out palm leaf adds a tropical ambience and looks stunning in a vase or arranged on its own.

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Seashell Chic

This vignette—in a bright beach house on Anna Maria Island, Florida—cleverly features a circular window in place of a more traditional mirror or piece of art. The buffet’s playful curves and distressed finish provide a nice contrast to the clean, geometri
Photo: Mark Lohman; Stylist: Françoise O’Neill

Decorate your home with shells collected from your last family trip to the beach. They're both a stylish bit of decor and a pleasant reminder of how much fun you had gathering them.

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Shady Umbrellas

4th of July Backyard Pool Party by The Vine Garden Market
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

When decorating an outdoor space, be sure to plan an option for shade. That summer sun beats down hard and a statuesque umbrella is a great way to protect from those rays while contributing to the design. These swanky twin umbrellas would fit in just fine at a country club and remind us of days at the beach.

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Summer Bouquets

Surround Your Seating Area with Beautiful Blooms
Laurey W. Glenn

Summer blooms deserve to be displayed proudly. Gather the latest seasonal blossoms from your flower garden or a local shop to bring life and color throughout your home.

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Colorful Glassware

Open Kitchen and Dining Room with Round Table and Pops of Purple and Green
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Kathleen Varner

Add a pop of playful color to your tablescape to get it ready for summer. Colorful stemware and glasses are a force to be reckoned with for entertaining all summer long.

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Retro Cooler

Igloo Retro Picnic Basket Cooler


Take full advantage of that summer heat by embracing an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Spending more time outside, however, demands some refreshments to cool off. This retro picnic cooler will keep your drinks and snacks equally as cool as it looks lounging on your porch or patio.

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Summer Napkin Rings

Emily Painter Green and White Table Setting
Carmel Brantley; Styling: Page Mullins, Emily Painter

When it comes to taking your table settings to the next level, it's all in the details. A dainty napkin ring is guaranteed to jazz up your set-up.

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Sweet Tea Station

Bourbon-Peach Iced Tea
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Stylist: Kay E. Clarke; Food Stylist: Karen Rankin

There's nothing quite like sipping on sweet tea in the summer. Bonus points if you have a porch swing or rocking chair to lounge on while doing so. Make this staple Southern experience easier by arranging an attractive sweet tea station on a bar cart or coffee table so guests can help themselves to more and top their tea with their favorite summer fruits.

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Curated Vases

Clear and White Bud Vase Grouping with White Flowers and Greenery
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Kathleen Varner

In order to show off those summer blooms, you're going to need an assortment of vases. We stand by that there's five different types of vases that every Southerner should own to see you through every flower arranging whim.

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Red, White, And Blue

4th of July table setting with strawberries, red and white flowers, and blue paper placemats
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Why limit your best patriotic decor to the Fourth of July? Show off a tasteful red, white, and blue color palette throughout the whole summer.

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Porch Swing

Classic White Porch Swing
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Ah, to be rocking gently on a porch swing in the summertime. Installing a porch swing has the power to uplift many summer days to come.

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Wicker Wonderland

An Editor's Escape

Natural materials dominate our homes during the summer because they bring life to any space they occupy. We especially love wicker furniture in our outdoor spaces, which translates to stunning rattan inside.

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Summer Container Garden

Container Garden in Buckets

Plant terra cotta pots, raised beds, and window baskets full of summer's loveliest flora. This way, both your vessel and your blooms can make a gorgeous, decorative statement.

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Flowers, Flowers, And More Flowers

porch club makeover, looking down porch
Laurey W.Glenn

Truly, we'll never get sick of summer florals decorating our homes. Bring them on. Then bring even more.

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Vertical Garden

Metal Wall Hanging Container Garden with Summer Plants
Design by Mark Thompson; Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Prop Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Vertical gardens are a visually stunning and space-saving solution for summer gardening. Decorate your home exterior or fence with a pretty hanging garden that turns your plants into decor.

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Festive Fruits

Shaun Smith New Orleans Ranch Dining Room
Laurey W. Glenn

Southern homes are no strangers to a decorative bowl full of lemons or pears. In the summer, we're embracing fruit as decor more than ever.

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ALISON GOOTEE; Styling by Dakota Willimon

Once the weather gets warm, you can bet that we'll be donning this dainty pattern everywhere from our clothes to our homes.

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Summer Camp Core

Front Porch Outdoor Dining
Photos by Jean Allsopp

Decorate your home in the summer to evoke childhood summers past. A sweet and nostalgic summer camp-like home is one that will feel welcoming and charming all season long.

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Rustic Whimsy

Georgia Brick Porch
Photo: Tria Giovan, Styling: Olga Naiman

Use rich beige colors, textured fabrics like burlap, and patinated accessories to build a rustic summer wonderland. Go this route and your summer space will feel like a fairytale come to life.

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Swap Out The Throws

Charleston-Style Piazza
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

If you're unsure where to start with seasonal decorating, throw pillows and blankets are a great place to start. Replace your heavy blankets with ones that are lighter—both in weight and color—and swap your throw pillow covers for a more seasonal pattern.

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Beautiful Bird Bath

Entertaining Patio
Photos by Jean Allsopp

Backyard bird-watchers already know the value of good seed and an accessible bird feeder. A bird bath is a stunning addition for any lawn visually, but will also give wildlife a chance to cool off from the summer heat.

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Cute Cabana

Covered Personal Patio
Photography Van Chaplin

A cabana is an easy way to give yourself a new place to set up shop all summer long. Raise a shady cabana right in the middle of your garden so that you can lounge around without catching too many rays.

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Fun And Games

Game Inspired Patio
Photo: Ralph Anderson

Interactive decor is as engaging as it is good-looking. This life-sized chess set ensures many fun summer afternoons challenging friends and family.

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Bountiful Arbor

Arbor Covered Patio

Expand your garden to include a lounge space you can spend time in with the help of an arbor. Be sure to plant climbing vines and flowers to best complement your outdoor space.

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Nautical Details

to chairs by window

Add small nautical details into your home to make it decidedly ready for the season without too big a hassle. If a bit of decor features an anchor, lantern, or a lighthouse, odds are we want it in our homes.

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Classic Rocking Chair

White Porch with Green Wicker Rocking Chairs
Laurey W. Glenn

There's nothing quite like sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in the summer, slowly swinging to and fro and sipping on a refreshing sweet tea. A rocking chair is an iconic Southern design staple and we can't imagine summertime without one.

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Gone Fishing

Island Whimsy
Photo: Annie Schlechter

In addition to shells and other beachy finds, decorate with sea creature motifs too. Fish and other wild life make for great design inspiration.

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Island Time

Driftwood, bamboo, and linen are echoed throughout this bedroom to add depth and dimension to the rain forest color palette.
Photo: J. Savage Gibson

Lean into an island-inspired look by incorporating elements usually suited to a beach house. Even if you're land-locked, wicker-like rattan, drift-wood, and palm trees will always have a stunning place in the home during the summer.

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Outdoor Oasis

Canopy Patio
Tria Giovan

Create a functional outdoor space to take full advantage of the warm weather. This slice of heaven is perfect for a dinner party or just relaxing outside, thanks to a shady arbor, lots of seating, and hanging lights that transform the space into a whimsical escape.

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Don't Shy From Dark Furniture

Charming Southern Front Porch
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We often associate summer decorating with light whites and bright colors. However, dark, grounding blacks still certainly have their place. We love the stark contrast of a deep black or brown with summery hues.

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Pack Up The Fireplace

Amy Berry Highland Park House in Dallas, Texas
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Retire your fireplace for the summer season. It's hot enough in the South that you won't be needing it. Cover it with a charming screen or use a potted plant to fill the space.

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Take Coastal Cues

Photo: Tria Giovan, Stylists: Rachel Burrow and Liz Strong

No matter how many miles separate your home from a coastline, summer is a free pass to transform your home into a coastal oasis as though the shore is just outside your window. Embrace a seaside home aesthetic including natural materials and a color scheme reminiscent of the beach.

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Colorful Front Door

Play the Blues Front Door Containers
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We love a vibrant door all year long, but this trend is especially lovely during the summer months. Add a pop of color by painting your front door an eye-catching, high-contrast hue.

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Outdoor Chandelier

Treetop Terrace with an Open Deck
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

In the South, we cherish our porches and patios. Whichever one you have, take it to the next level with a stunning chandelier.

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Sunshine-y Shades

The master bedroom is a grand 19 feet by 21 feet with a soaring 18-foot cathedral ceiling, so Balducci and Bennett built in warm details like white-painted beams, shiplap ceiling paneling, and a painted brick hearth. “Woodwork and other textural surfaces
Photo: David A. Land; styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow

There's no color more well-suited for summertime than a bright, sunny yellow. Add yellow accents to decorate your home seasonally or fully embrace yellow decor year-round.

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Set A Bright Table

Dillard's place setting


In spring and summer, a fun and floral table setting can brighten up any meal. Pull out all the stops to accompany your favorite china and silverware with decorative place mats, napkins, centerpieces, and accessories.

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Zesty Prints

Briar Farms Powder Room

Brie Williams; Styling: Kendra Surface

In addition to florals, fruits are a stellar decoration to celebrate the season. This wallpaper stuns with refreshing citrus.

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Campfire Pit

Fire Pit
Alison Miksch

Imagine cozying up around the campfire on a summer evening. Build or buy a fire pit and surround it by some easy seating for many memorable nights of conversation and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

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Stylish Sunroom

Alison Allen Atlanta Home Sunroom

Brian Woodcock; Styling: Page Mullins

If your home includes a sunroom, there's no doubt that it's the place to be all summer long. Prepare the space for many a long afternoon, and for guests too, by giving it a good refresh before the start of the season.

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Rooster Home Decor
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This is one summer idea perfect for a modern farmhouse-styled home. Commemorate the dog days of summer with a charming and rustic rooster theme that's reminiscent of nostalgic days in Grandma's kitchen.

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Tropical Prints

Our 25 Prettiest Island Rooms: Tropicana Paradise
Photo Annie Schlechter

Break out bright, bold prints to decorate your home this summer. Choose centerpieces like furniture with island motifs or go for accessories like throw pillows or curtains in these patterns.

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Light And Airy

White Built-In Shelves with Light Blue Baking
Lisa Romerein

Opt for an easy, breezy summer home filled with soft, cool tones and bright whites. This is a look that will work weather your home decor leans toward rustic or has a flare for the modern.

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Haint Blue porch ceiling
Hector Manuel Sanchez

When in doubt, add more hydrangeas. This Southern favorite flower will always be welcome in and around our homes in the summertime.

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Summery Seat Cushions

Gothic Farmhouse Porch
Photo: Paul Costello

When looking for small adjustments you can make to celebrate the season, seat cushions are a stellar place to start. Swap out your standard cushions on the porch, patio, or in the dining room for a bright, playful pattern.

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Pops Of Pink

Melissa Smrekar's Dallas Living Room with Crane Wall Panels, Green Velvet Sofa, and Soft
Pink Walls.

Heather Halbert

Bring on the pink. We can't get enough of this playful color in our homes all year long, but it is especially well-suited to sweet summer days.

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Under The Oaks

Marta Galaz Cancio set-up
Pillows: Veranda Design, Courtesy Lisa Corti; Ceramic Pitchers: Courtesy Soirée Everyday.


This shady, lemon-dotted table is set beneath a large tree, perfect for a summertime family gathering. The table is set to complement an al fresco dinner party with place cards from stationary designer-made paper goods brand Casa Felix.

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