Will the drink of the summer receive grandma's stamp of approval?


It's no secret that hard seltzer has climbed the ranks and earned its spot as the ultimate summer beverage. We can understand the popularity of this crisp drink–what's not to love? It's cool, refreshing, and quenches our thirst in the hot Southern heat. Not to mention, it contains 5% alcohol and comes in fruity flavors such as black cherry, raspberry, and lime.

This fizzy drink has stolen the hearts of many. The anthem the younger generation is shouting from the boat or the beach is "There ain't no laws, when you're drinking claws." To be clear: there are in fact laws when you're drinking this sparkling beverage. Still, many companies have capitalized on the popularity of the drink. From White Claw to Truly, beverage companies are jumping in to provide the best sparkling drink around, and the competition is heated. It's almost as controversial as the Chick-Fil-A vs. Popeye's chicken sandwich debate. But does the drink itself live up to the infamous title that it's been crowned?

We're not here to settle which brand is the best, but to settle whether or not hard seltzer deserves its spot as the alcoholic drink of choice these days. The best people to survey? Our honest and sweet Southern grandmothers. They are our leading ladies, right up there with Mama, of course. We value their warranted (or sometimes unwarranted) opinions the most. We trust them to tell us the truth when it comes to fads such as new technology or trendy health drinks, so why not test out the drink that's captured everyone's attention?

Let's put sparkling hard seltzer to the test as we settle this debate once and for all. We had varying reactions from "It's sort of bitter" to "I can get in trouble with this." Will it receive grandma's stamp of approval? Who knows, maybe they'll opt for hard seltzer instead of sweet tea at their next luncheon.