An Easy-Bake Oven? Yes, please.

By Christie Calucchia
November 06, 2019
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Credit: Walmart

There's nothing better for bringing on the nostalgia like digging old games and toys out of storage for a whole new generation of kids to enjoy. If you don't have a closet filled with childhood relics, fret not. Walmart has an entire section of classic toys that you can shop right now, just in time for the holidays.

Be warned, looking through the retailer's selection of toys and games from decades past will bring on serious waves of nostalgia, whether you remember playing them in your youth or with your kids. The special section is home to classics like the Easy-Bake Oven, My Little Pony dolls, and even the Speak and Spell computer.

Although years have passed since the toys were first released, they truly stand the test of time. These classic toys are fun year-round, but they're also perfect for wrapping up and gifting to the little ones in your life for the holidays. Head to Walmart to shop the full line-up of timeless toys or shop a few of our favorites below.

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic

Credit: Walmart

Inspired by the original Lite Brite toy from the 1980s, this light-up screen comes with over 200 colorful pegs and six templates to help kids (or adults) create original art that glows in the dark. It would provide a welcome break from the digital screens kids today interact with so often.

Buy It: $15;

Fisher Price Classics Chatter Phone

Credit: Walmart

This adorable play phone was first released back in 1961, which explains its retro rotary dial design. While modern phones certainly don't look much like this one, it will still provide little ones with hours of fun thanks to its interactive features.

Buy It: $10 (orig. $12);

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Toy, Baking Star Edition

Credit: Walmart

Easy-Bake Ovens have been around since 1963—and they've certainly evolved since then—but the idea remains the same. With the help of some quick mixes, the "oven" can bake sweet and savory snacks in minutes.

Buy It: $35 (orig. $59);

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Toy Basketball Set

Credit: Walmart

For kids who love to move around, this miniature basketball set makes a great gift. Its oversized rim and adjustable height allows any child to feel like an athlete.

Buy It: $20 (orig. $35);

Hasbro Classic Operation Game

Credit: Walmart

Educational and incredibly fun, Operation is a quirky board game that's enjoyable for kids of all ages. Remember, the goal is to remove silly body parts like the wishbone and Charlie horse from Cavity Sam's body without setting off the loud buzz with your tweezers.

Buy It: $13 (orig. $20);

Computer Classics Speak and Spell

Credit: Walmart

Computers may have changed a lot since this spelling game came out back in the 1970s, but the toy is just as practical and fun now as it was then. It's designed to help kids spell commonly misspelled words with a speech synthesizer and features classic graphics and sounds.

Buy It: $25;

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dash Drag Racing Playset

Credit: Walmart

This set of new and improved Hot Wheels features two toy cars and over 12 feet of track complete with loops for side-by-side racing. Although the tracks cover a lot of ground, they easily fold up for neat storage.

Buy It: $35;

My Little Pony Classic 35th Anniversary Collector Pony

Credit: Walmart

My Little Pony dolls have been around since the 1980s, and in honor of the brand's 35th anniversary, it recreated the original six pony friends, including this one called Cotton Candy. As always, kids can style the pony's hair and use their imagination to dream up all kinds of adventures.

Buy It: $7;

Little Tikes Classic Alligator Teeter Totter

Credit: Walmart

This alligator-shaped teeter totter turns any backyard into a playground. It can hold up to three children and will provide hours of active fun, whether you keep it inside or outside.

Buy It: $60;