CBS News And Steve Hartman Are Bringing Us A Special All About The Gift Of Kindness

Steve Hartman

CBS News

For decades, Steve Hartman has introduced us all to everyday Americans helping their neighbors, lending a hand, and making a difference. Whether on his award-winning series “On the Road,” on CBS Evening News or in his newer recurring segment on CBS Mornings, “Kindness 101,” Hartman has dedicated much of his career to showing us all that when we look for it, the world is really full of so much goodness. 

On December 28, Hartman brings these stories to primetime in The Gift: Kindness Goes Viral With Steve Hartman that will air both on CBS and then also be streaming on Paramount +. The veteran correspondent will introduce us to several everyday heroes from coast to coast who are changing the lives of those around them through acts of kindness, including two from our neck of the woods. 

Ruby Chitsey, a 15 year old from Arkansas, is someone who first caught Hartman’s attention when she was just 11. Back then, Chitsey saw a need at a local nursing home and began visiting with residents and asking them what they would wish for if they had three wishes. She then granted those wishes, and now four years later, Chitsey’s efforts have grown into a national foundation. 

Hartman also returns to Dallas to visit Curtis Jenkins, who first garnered attention for the extra efforts he put into caring for the children he drove to school each day aboard his school bus. We get an update on how his efforts have paved the way for new programming within the school system to better serve the children of Dallas and beyond. 

Steve Hartman Curtis Jenkins

CBS News

“Every one of these stories starts with someone who was helped by another person, and that interaction changed their lives forever,” Hartman said in a statement.. “You see time after time how just one gesture can alter a person’s life. Very often, that moment inspires them to pay it forward, ultimately multiplying the impact of that initial act exponentially.” 

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