5 Delightful Daffodil Arrangements To Celebrate Spring

The season’s happiest flowers.


HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

Celebrate spring with enthusiasm by displaying its liveliest bloom: daffodils. These joyous yellow florals are undeniably the season’s happiest flowers and displaying them around your home will set a cheery tone throughout. They’re a wonderful way to welcome both the season and guests, plus, the low-maintenance nature of these beautiful bulbs encourages a happy mood for the homeowner, too. Daffodils are easy to grow, and even easier to arrange into gorgeous, sprightly displays. 

We've gathered our favorite ways to show off this essential springtime floral around your home—both inside and out. Use daffodils as the delicate centerpiece for your Easter feast or hang them on your door to send an inviting message to guests before they even set foot inside. Disperse individual daffodils around the house or gather them together in one lovely bouquet. We even have an option that keeps the daffodils alive and growing in an adorable planter. Choose just one or two of our methods to subtly show off these gorgeous blooms, or go all out on daffodils by using every option in our arsenal of sunny daffodil displays.

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Pretty Little Things


HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

For an eye-catching design that doesn’t require any technical know-how, set small vases in coordinating colors down the length of the table. Trim the daffodil stems at varying heights, and then place a few blooms in each vessel. These bitty bouquets can also double as favors for guests.

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Door Prize

Door prize daffodils

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

A wicker basket that’s overflowing with blooms is this season’s delicate answer to winter’s sturdy wreath. Line a flat-backed hanging version with a plastic bag. Then add flowering daffodils (including the soil) and small, complementary plants (like English ivy, maidenhair fern, and grape hyacinth) to the container. For a fuller look, layer in cut daffodils, placing stems in florist water picks.

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Top-Shelf Styling

Shelf daffodils

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

These tiny bunches of blooms are a foolproof way to add bursts of color in small spaces. Place clusters of daffodils into bud vases in an array of shapes and sizes. Position them atop short stacks of books, or nestle them in among other treasures on shelving.

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Sweet Show-Offs

Set a cheery tone for visitors by placing a large, lively display in your entry.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

Make the most of daffodils’ many dazzling varieties by weaving a few of them into one arrangement. (Any kind you have growing in your yard will do.) Anchor the flowers in a shallow, watertight vessel using chicken wire; then fill in bare spots with tulips, Queen Anne’s lace, and chamomile. The trick to making it feel especially dynamic? Leave some stems extra long so they seem to float above the rest of the bouquet.

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Box Of Tricks


HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Kathleen Varner

Flowering window containers give instant curb appeal to your home’s exterior (or even to a child’s playhouse). Plant bulbs in the fall for a brilliant reveal come spring. If you’re short on time, add already blooming daffodils for color on the spot. Tuck in variegated English ivy to create a whimsical base.

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