This Coffee Trick Will Make Your Morning Cup Taste Like Christmas

Curl up on the couch with this festively spiced brew.

Coffee with Christmas Decorations

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As much as the Christmas season is about doing fun activities with family and friends, such as going to tree farms and attending ornament swaps, some of the best memories are made curled up on the couch with a Christmas movie on the television. While you might be sitting with a mug of hot chocolate or a Hotty Toddy for your movie nights, there’s also a way to make your morning coffee taste festive for the season.

Try The Christmas Coffee Hack

Make your coffee pot fill the air with the scents of Christmas by making a slight tweak to your usual brew. The secret lies in the grounds—coffee grounds! By adding certain holiday spices to your grounds before brewing your coffee, you can create a cozy aroma throughout the house that tastes even better in your Santa mug. 

How To Make Christmas Coffee At Home

  1. Fill your coffee filter with your usual amount and type of coffee grounds.
  2. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon and one-half teaspoon of nutmeg to the grounds. Add one-eighth teaspoon of allspice or clove if desired.
  3. If you’re brewing an extra-large pot of coffee—such as 10 to 14 cups—consider doubling the spice ratio. 
  4. Give the spices and coffee grounds a little stir inside the filter to combine. 
  5. Hit “brew,” and get ready to start smelling Christmas in the kitchen! 

From there, add your favorite finishings such as creamer, sugar, or a cinnamon sprinkle—and enjoy a cup of Christmas coffee. You’re even able to change up the spices and ratio for a new blend every day. 

Cozy Winter Drinks 

For a post-dinner treat, you can serve this Christmas coffee and add a splash of Baileys Irish Cream for an Irish Coffee. (Whiskey optional!) 

You can create a coffee version of an Espresso Martini by using 3 ounces of coffee in lieu of espresso. 

Southern hosts have long loved a classic Coffee Punch, and this festive brew makes a perfect addition for an ornament swap or Christmas party. 

When in doubt, all of our cozy winter drinks and Christmas cocktails are a shortcut to a cheery season. 

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