One-Eared Dog Stuns North Carolina Shelter By Removing Matching Ear From “Favorite” Stuffed Toy

The cutest twins we ever did see!

Bruno One Eared Dog

SPCA of Wake County

A North Carolina rescue dog and his “favorite” stuffed animal have captured the hearts of the nation. 

When a staff member at SPCA of Wake County went to check on a one-eared pit bull named Bruno recently, she was shocked to find that he had torn off the left ear of his plush dog—"the same ear he’s missing himself."

“The staff member who found this couldn’t believe it, so she took these photos to show the rest of our team,” the Raleigh shelter wrote in a now-viral social media post earlier this month. 

“Bruno used to live chained up outside, and his ear was torn off when another dog attacked him and he couldn’t run away,” the post continued. “But Bruno knows there’s nothing wrong with him, and now he has a best friend just like him to prove it.”

"You would never know he had such a tough start to life—despite his pouty eyes, he's a very happy and loving guy, and his tail absolutely never stops wagging! He’s well-behaved, cuddly, and very smart," SPCA workers told FOX TV Stations. "Despite being attacked, he still likes other dogs, and he loves every person he meets. He's got a big heart and a forgiving soul."

The social media post made Bruno so popular, he reportedly "maxed out" on pending adoptions. Then, just a few days after he went viral, Bruno and his mini-me found their forever home. 

“He is just the sweetest boy, and we are so happy for him!” a spokesperson for SPCA of Wake County told Southern Living.

“Bruno's adopter loves him just the way he is and promised to show Bruno nothing but unconditional love for the rest of his life,” the shelter wrote in a follow-up post on Facebook. 

“Of course, his matching stuffie HAS to go with him so they can be buds forever,” they added.

Congratulations, sweet Bruno!

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