We don't play around when it comes to tailgating in the South. From Chief Osceola's rituals at FSU to the juicy brisket at Texas A&M to boats docking by Neyland Stadium, all of our Southern schools take tailgating seriously. We get there early (extra early, if you're an Auburn fan!), we set up our grills, and we keep the party going well into the night. We asked, and you voted – here are your all-time favorite tailgates around the South.

10. Florida State
Pregame rituals at FSU are an art. Don’t miss Chief Osceola race downfield on horseback and hurl a flaming spear.

9. University of Florida
Some 80-thousand “tail-gators” gather on Reitz Union Lawn to grill and play cornhole before heading to The Swamp.

8. Texas A&M
The Aggies keep their tailgate laid back, but you’ll find plenty of Texas brisket. Keeping with tradition, student-elected ‘Yell Leaders’ rally the crowd and couples share a kiss every time the Aggies score.

7. University of Tennessee
In Knoxville, more than 100 boats dock on the Tennessee River just outside Neyland Stadium. The ‘Vol Walk’ is one of the team’s proudest traditions.

6. Auburn
In the Loveliest Village on the Plains, an armada of RVs arrives days before home games. Tailgating ends when fans get to the stadium to see the eagle fly.

5. Clemson
Veteran tailgaters know that a ticket gets you in and out of Memorial Stadium at halftime, so the tailgate continues during the game.

4. LSU
Tailgating at LSU is part Mardi Gras and part family reunion with a whole lot of gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice.

3. University of Georgia
Tailgaters gather in beautiful North Campus and start the party early, no matter the kick off time. If you hear the bell toll, it means the Bulldogs have claimed another victory.

2. Alabama
The Quad is the heart of tailgating, and the menu depends on the opponent. Expect pig roasts before Arkansas and fried gator when Florida’s in town.

1. Ole Miss
The party in goes down in The Grove, and it’s elegant. Find table linens, fried chicken served on china, and the glow of chandeliers in tailgate tents.

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