Each of these stunning Southern towns are charming, historic, and full of character. Find gorgeous scenic views, walk along sandy beaches, tour elegant mansions, and see tons of wildlife in these top-rated small towns. Spread out all across the South, we highly recommend taking a stroll through the best small towns in the region. In Florence, you'll find a hip music scene. In Auburn, you'll be able to grab a fantastic bite to eat (and maybe catch a game!). In Dahlonega, Fredricksburg, and Charlottesville, a glass of wine is certainly in order from one of the towns' many vineyards. And, in Fernandina and Wrightsville, you can relax along a sunny beach. Your votes are in – here are the winners!

10. Madison, Georgia
The historic downtown overflows with antebellum buildings, shops, galleries, and dining options.

9. Florence, Alabama
The food and music scene is exploding in this sister town to Muscle Shoals.

8. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Stroll through shopping villages or ferry over to the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

7. Auburn, Alabama
This Tiger Town has tree-shaded streets, historic storefronts, and plenty of great eateries.

6. Fernandina Beach, Florida
Located on Amelia Island, Fernandina has a colorful, lively downtown and beautiful sand.

5. Beaufort, North Carolina
Pronounced “Bow-fert,” this waterfront town is separated from the Atlantic by the Shackleford Banks and Carrot Island.

4. Dahlonega, Georgia
Take in gorgeous vistas from the Appalachian foothills and enjoy a thriving winery scene.

3. Charlottesville, Virginia
Situated in one of the country’s oldest wine regions, this college town has eclectic eateries, winery tours, and Monticello.

2. Fredericksburg, Texas
The German enclave has a historic downtown and a happening food, brew, and winery scene.

1. Beaufort, South Carolina
This Beaufort is pronounced “Bew-fert.” Take in splendid mansions framed by moss-hung oaks and stunning views of rivers and marshes.

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