Rabbit Hash, one of The South's Best Tiny Towns, has enjoyed a 20-year string of canine mayors.  


There are a number of things that make the tiny Northern Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash special. Aside from a decidedly unique name, an iconic general store, and a fiercely proud population of just over 300, the Boone County town of Rabbit Hash has enjoyed a 20-year string of canine mayors. (It also made this year's list of the South's Best Tiny Towns!)

The first elected mayor in Rabbit Hash's history was a mutt named Goofy Borneman-Calhoun. He was inaugurated in 1998, and died in office in July 2001, at the impressive age of 16. The town was mayor-less until 2004, when a black lab named Junior Cochran was sworn into office. Like Goofy before him, Junior died in office in May 2008. A few months later, the town's first female mayor, a border collie named Lucy Lou, was elected. Lucy Lou stepped down in 2016, and handed the office over to the newly elected, Brynneth Pawltro, a rescued female pit bull.

Each vote costs $1 and residents can cast as many ballots as they want. The most recent election raised almost $9,000 and went toward the restoration of the town's historic general store (regarded as the best known and best preserved country store in Kentucky), which burned down last year.

Brynn, as she is known around town, ran on a platform of promoting peace, love and understanding in her hometown, according to WLWT5, and beat out a cat named Stella and a donkey named Higgins for the prestigious office. Like any good girl, her hobbies are said to include tennis balls and licking people.

"She is going to be the most understanding and accepting of everyone who passes through Rabbit Hash," Brynn's owner, college student Jordie Bamforth, 23, told People before her Indawguration last year. "She doesn't want to judge anybody for how they look, or their political stances, she will love them no matter [what]."

"She's normally got that big old pit bull smile," Bamforth continued. "She is a super, super happy dog. There aren't many people that she's met that she doesn't like … [she's] a good judge of character."

You can keep up with Brynn's adorable political career on her Facebook page.