The South's Best Restaurant Bars 2018

Highlands Bar and Grill
Photo: Robbie Caponetto

Whether we are returning to an old favorite or visiting a new restaurant in a town we've never explored, you can find our editors at the bar. It's our secret weapon for finding out about local gems and making new friends when we're researching on the road; at home, it's where we meet up with familiar faces. When we found out the winners in this new category to our South's Best reader survey, we were excited to see many a bar where we've pulled up a stool to a refreshing cocktail, a much-needed late night snack, or a friendly conversation. From beloved Birmingham bistro Chez Fonfon to newer spots like Saint Leo in Oxford, Mississippi, these are your favorite restaurant bars.

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1. Signature

Wynn Myers

San Antonio, Texas

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2. Haberdish

Charlotte, North Carolina
Courtesy of Haberdish

Charlotte, North Carolina

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3. Jai Ho

Jai Ho
Courtesy of Jai Ho

Atlanta, Georgia

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4. L'Opossum

Deborah Jaffe

Richmond, Virginia

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5. Kindred

Southern Living

Davidson, North Carolina

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6. Leynia

Delano South Beach

Miami, Florida

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7. Little Serow

Little Serow, Washington, D.C.
Dakota Fine

Washington, D.C.

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8. The Barn at Blackberry Farm

The Barn at Blackberry Farm, Walland, TN
Beall + Thomas Photography

Walland, Tennessee

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9. N7

Rush Jagoe

New Orleans, Louisiana

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10. Compère Lapin

Compère Lapin
Josh Brasted

New Orleans, Louisiana

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11. Terra

Jonathan Sharpe

West Columbia, South Carolina

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12. Staplehouse

Staplehouse in Atlanta, GA
Andrew Thomas Lee

Atlanta, Georgia

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13. Convivial

Scott Suchman

Washington, D.C.

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14. J.C. Holdway

J.C. Holdway-Knoxville, TN Bar
Beall + Thomas Photography

Knoxville, Tennessee

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15. Saint Leo

Saint Leo
Robbie Caponetto

Oxford, Mississippi

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16. Chez Fonfon

Chez Fonfon
Courtesy of Chez Fonfon

Birmingham, Alabama

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17. Público

Emma Lally

University City, Missouri

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18. Highlands Bar and Grill

Highlands Bar and Grill
Robbie Caponetto

Birmingham, Alabama

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