These $20 Freezer-Ready Trays Will Make You Fall In Love With Soup Season All Over Again

It's never been easier to cook once, and eat twice.

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Even though I love to cook, soup was never something that I jumped at the chance to make. A big pot bubbling on the stove usually indicated that it was time to clean out the crisper drawers so that I didn’t squander the veggies I’d purchased the Sunday before. When I did follow a recipe for a hearty stew or chili, it usually involved dividing the ingredients by four or even eight to make it work for my family of two and what we’d realistically eat that week. This all changed during an Instagram scroll when I stumbled upon my new favorite kitchen tool, Souper Cubes.

I saw Roanoke, Virginia-based food blogger Ann Woo using fresh summer tomatoes to make soup to freeze and enjoy during the colder months. Like any tomato-obsessed Southerner, this immediately caught my eye. Next, I was drawn to the large silicone trays that she was using to neatly freeze the dish into measured portions. It didn’t take long for me to add the one-cup Souper Cubes to my Amazon cart and my weeknight cooking routine has been transformed.

Souper Cubes- Southern Living


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Previously, the thought of spooning leftover soup into large freezer bags seemed messy and the size was too large for a casual reheat. Now I love to make a batch of SL’s Chili for a Crowd, keeping just enough to enjoy in the days ahead and freezing the rest for busier times. It’s easy to pull out the stackable trays from the freezer, pop out just the right amount of cups, and dinner's nearly ready to go. For me, it’s the ultimate hands-off meal that keeps on giving.

And don’t think I only use my Souper Cubes for their namesake. I freeze everything from individual tablespoons of tomato paste to cups of freshly processed breadcrumbs, all to keep food from going uneaten. It’s a treat to start planning out my grocery list and suddenly remember that I have important ingredients on hand and ready to use. 

After whipping up a batch of chicken salad or roasting a whole chicken, I’ve even started making my own stock to freeze for later. Sometimes I’ll thaw it all at once to make a pot of comforting soup, but I love the convenience of using the single cup portions to add extra flavor to hearty rice dishes or baked casseroles

In an effort to keep my small kitchen tidy, I am usually slow to purchase new food tools. You won’t find an air fryer or a pressure cooker in my cabinet, but I’m happy to make room for Souper Cubes in new sizes. They’ve helped me waste less food, saved me time, and made new recipes less daunting. I’m no great baker, but Souper Cube’s Cookie Trays might be just what I need to get a little practice next holiday season. 

Souper Cube Cookie Tray


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