8 Places To Experience Snow Tubing In The South

Even Florida can be a winter sports wonderland.

Two people tubing

Courtesy Wisp Mountain, MD

Living in the South often means that while your Northern friends are experiencing low temperatures and having fun in the snow, you may be sweating it out in lower latitudes. Although Southern states may not be the first places that come to mind for enjoying wintery weather, they should be, especially if you want to try snow tubing. In fact, many Southern states have their fair share of tubing runs, and some have gotten downright creative in how they provide chills and speedy thrills. From freshly laid—or made—snow outdoors to indoor snowy wonderlands, here are the eight best places to experience snow tubing in the South.

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Massanutten Resort

Tubers at Massanutten Resort, Virginia

Courtesy Massanutten Resort, Virginia

Massanutten, Virginia

Virginia often sees winter precipitation, and Massanutten Resort makes the most of it by providing a fast-paced, snowy slide. Their outdoor tubing hill features 16 lanes that drop 120 vertical feet over the 900’ long run. Massanutten’s snow tubing is so popular that they recently added a second conveyor, so visitors don’t have to wait as long in line. The resort also offers a unique take on winter sports with its Northern Lights Snow Tubing, during which folks of all ages can speed down the runs to the sounds of upbeat music as the neon lights glow over the lanes.

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Winterplace Ski Resort

Tuber at Winterplace Ski Resort, WV

Courtesy Winterplace Ski Resort, WV

Ghent/Flat Top, West Virginia

If you’ve ever driven on 1-77 in Southern West Virginia, you may have noticed Winterplace Ski Resort’s snowy slopes from the interstate. Just a 5-minute drive off Exit 28, the resort also has a fabulous snow tubing area, which is the largest tubing park in West Virginia. Ride to the top of the hill on one of two super carpet conveyor lifts, and then take the exhilarating slide down. It’s the perfect winter activity for families to enjoy in the South. 

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Pigeon Forge Snow

Boy tubing indoors

Courtesy Pigeon Forge, TN.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

If going snow tubing year-round is wrong, why be right? Although many consider snow sports a winter activity—and rightfully so—Pigeon Forge Snow has an advantage over other tubing runs because it’s indoors. The climate-controlled environment stays between 60-70° F and doesn’t melt due to a specially designed floor. This unique ride also features lined tubes to keep clothing dry and a carpet ride to the top before heading down on the journey. Of course, you can also visit to cool off in the summertime to relive your winter memories.

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Blizzard Mountain Snow Tubing

Girls tubing

Courtesy Blizzard Mountain Snow Tubing, GA

Buford, Georgia

At first glance, it may surprise you that Georgia has snow tubing, but in true Southern style, the state knows how to do it right. Head to Margaritaville at Lanier Islands for the Blizzard Mountain Snow Tubing adventure featuring a 575-foot-long, eight-story-high tubing ride. Not only can you experience the adrenaline rush of the tubing run, but their winter event—called License to Chill Show Island—also has carnival games, amusement rides, and ice skating, so plan to stay a while. 

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Sapphire Valley Resort

People tubing at Sapphire Valley, NC

Courtesy Sapphire Valley, NC

Jackson County, North Carolina

Book a 1.75-hour tubing experience at Sapphire Valley Resort for a different take on enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although the resort offers many seasonal activities, when winter comes, locals and travelers anticipate the opening of their Frozen Falls Tube Park. Board the moving sidewalk to the top of the 500-foot snow tubing run, which features a 60-foot vertical drop. One bonus is that the tubing run is known for its short queues, which means less waiting in line and more time sliding down the lanes. 

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Wisp Resort

Two people tubing

Courtesy Wisp Mountain, MD

McHenry, Maryland

Concerning cold-weather enjoyment, Wisp Resort is the ideal place to go in Maryland. Their twelve tubing chutes allow you to enjoy an experience at your own pace or race down the 750-foot long runs with friends to see who finishes first. Wisp makes and grooms the snow, and you’re responsible for the tube. So grab one, ride up the conveyor, and slide down for a fabulously fast-paced ride. Just be sure to make your reservations online and fill out their participation agreement before heading out to the resort.

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Rowdy Bear Mountain Snow Park

Boys tubing

Courtesy Rowdy Bear Mountain, TN

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Although you may not want to encounter a genuine rowdy bear, heading to the snowy runs at Rowdy Bear Mountain Snow Park offers a different kind of experience. Set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains, the runs are on the largest outdoor snow tubing hill in Tennessee. Brace yourself as you traverse down 500-foot-long snowy lanes, which feature real snow. You’ll glide so quickly that it will be difficult to notice the 70’ drop as you go down the run. 

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Gaylord Texan

Girls tubing

Courtesy Gaylord Hotels

Grapevine, Texas

If Texan snow tubing surprises you, add Florida to that list. Both the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas, and the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, Florida, offer some of the best snow tubing in the Southern U.S. While in Florida, beat the heat and head indoors to the property’s Snow Flow Mountain to race down the frozen lanes. In Texas, families can experience the eight-run tubing hill, which features real snow. Perhaps the best part is that guests can enjoy unlimited tubing runs on their ticketed date. Bonus: Gaylord Opryland in Nashville also has a snow tubing run. 

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